At Rosewood Manor we invite our residents to be as active as they wish. Whether that means participating in the full array of group activities offered, or simply enjoying a quiet spot on the outside deck while reading a good book, our goal is to allow each of our residents the freedom to be who they are.

Those who do participate in our group activities find they are afforded a wide variety of fun and exciting options. Some residents attend our weekly book club. Others opt for a memory game or a game of cards. While others attend our morning exercise classes, craft session, or perhaps an activity program catered to their particular interest. It all points to a sense of community, where connections are made and friendships grow.

Quite popular amongst the residents is our vegetable and herb gardens, which they plant in the spring and enjoy all summer long with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, squash, peppers, and peas. Our chef is always finding new ways to serve up the residents’ harvest.

A typical week at Rosewood may include a cookout on our deck,  an ice cream social, live entertainment in our living room, creating flower arrangements, or visiting with companion animals.

Special events held throughout the year include an indoor winter beach party, a two-day mock cruise in the spring, an afternoon trip to a local beach in the summer, a Hawaiian luau in August, and an evening ride to view festive lights during the holiday season. Read about our mock cruise and beach visit.

Whatever your loved one’s interests, they are sure to find fun, laughter, and friendship at Rosewood Manor.

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“You were instrumental in helping my Mom adjust. You allowed her to be herself and eased her into participation in all activities.”
—Elinor P., daughter of a Rosewood resident