Rosewood Attacked by Pirates

Appearing in the Harwich Oracle newspaper July 4, 2012:

Rosewood and Harwich resident Peg Herring enjoys a laugh with one of the “pirates.”

Residents of Rosewood Manor in Harwich recently completed their fourth annual two-day “mock” cruise along the coast of Alaska where they were attacked by a band of pirates who arrived right in the middle of the Captain’s dinner. The residents were on the outside deck of the SS Rosewood dining on baked stuffed shrimp and baked Alaska when the pirates boarded the deck and demanded that they surrender their desserts. Unwilling to give up the ship, and their desserts, the residents revealed hidden squirt guns and proceeded to soak the marauders.

The annual “mock” cruise is a fun-filled, two-day event that includes a number of themed meals, an ice cream social, musical entertainment, games, themed movies (such as an Alaskan wildlife DVD), and other surprises. The facility is turned into a cruise ship, the SS Rosewood, and members of the staff play the roles of the ship’s crew, as well as pirates. Residents’ family members and friends are encouraged to come aboard and join in the fun. Past “cruises” have voyaged to the Bahamas and along the coast of Italy. This year’s theme was suggested by a number of residents who actually visited Alaska in the past.

Rosewood Manor is a 24-hour nursing residence on Main Street in Harwich Center.